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The foremost automated task tool

Do you have to run the same tasks over and over again, each and every day?

Why not use BuildIT to automate those tasks, whether it is the final packaging of a product, an automated daily build, maybe sending out a mailing list, even backing-up files.

BuildIT can really benefit you now, so get it right now...
» Find out more and download BuildIT v2.0 Beta (Build 136)

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The desktop twitter client

Do you want to use twitter without a slow web browser?

Use twitcher to view and post updates to twitter quickly and easily. Much faster than using the twitter web site with more control and nice features to make posting easier like shrinking posts and synchronisation across different installations.

» Find out more and download twitcher v1.7.1

Remove those e-mail backlogs


The backlog remover

Has someone sent you a massive e-mail which you cannot download?

Use MailViewIT to view or delete those large messages you dont want to download and remove that unwanted e-mail backlog.
» Download MailViewIT v1.0 (Build 8)


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