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  • Using Gulp with VS2015 Task Runner

    There are several steps to getting Gulp running in Visual Studio 2015 with the new Task Runner. Unfortunately I noticed...

    Dan Petitt Dan Petitt 11 days ago on Jul 21st, 2015

  • ASP.NET MVC Routing Issues

    Here is an oddity when creating an ASP.NET MVC/WebApi; you can't have a route which contains certain words...

    Dan Petitt Dan Petitt 20 days ago on Jul 12th, 2015
    in mvc,, webapi

  • Separating a subfolder into its own git repo

    The Easy Way It turns out that this is such a common and useful practice that the overlords of git...

    Dan Petitt Dan Petitt 25 days ago on Jul 6th, 2015

  • Merge two Git commits

    Quite often I make a commit to Git and then realise I missed a change and have to make another...

    Dan Petitt Dan Petitt a month ago on Jul 3rd, 2015
    in git

  • SQL Server Failed to Start on Reboot

    I got an error the other night which frightened the life out of me after I restarted my SQL Server...

    Dan Petitt Dan Petitt 4 months ago on Mar 28th, 2015