twitcher v1.7.1, a twitter client

Easy to use twitter client powered by Adobe Air that runs on your Mac or Windows desktop. Easy, uncomplicated with multiple-installation synchronisation

Use twitcher if you want uncomplicated, fast and easy to use desktop access to your twitter account. It has many of the normal features you would expect plus some more like ToolTips that image previews and expanded shortened URLs and multiple-installation synchronisation.

Follow any updates to twitcher at @coderanger

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  • Easy to use interface
  • Auto-upgrading
  • Multiple-installation synchronisation
  • Auto-Shrink posts
  • Multiple views with main timeline, favourites, replies, sent statues, direct messages and public timeline
  • Multi-user account support
  • Hides to system tray or Mac Dock for unobtrusive use
  • Auto-refresh of tweets
  • Shows expansions of short URLs for security
  • Displays image previews for selected image upload services (,,, and raw images
  • Links to easily reply to a message, direct message a user, favourite a tweet or delete a post
  • Notifications when new tweets are downloaded
  • Easily shorten web links using a variety of services including,,,, and many more (add your own easily using the simple plugin architecture)
  • Upload and insert pictures using,,,,,, and
  • Tooltips on shortened links show full web site address so as to avoid being phished
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Mac and Windows support
  • Powered by Adobe Air

Release Notes


  • Added: user information toolips if you hover over any twitter id "@coderanger" within any tweet
  • Added: when uploading a picture using any service, the text in your tweet post box will be added to the image and auto-tweeted from those systems directly


  • New Feature: last tweet seen synchronisation across multiple-installations. This means if you use twitcher at home and work (like me) you wont see the same tweets on each computer, only different ones
  • Added: support for (powered by bitly so the bitly login details below will work with as well)
  • Added: support for url shortener
  • Changed: can now press Return in short url box to shorten a URL
  • Changed: and providers are converted to new plugin architecure
  • Changed: shortener plugin modified to handle JSON responses
  • Changed: tray icon tooltip text to say "no" instead of "0"
  • Fixed: issue with web links not starting "http://" would fail when clicked
  • Fixed: issue with Public Timeline always flipping to Home when clicked so it was impossible to see any public timeline
  • Fixed: tray icon tooltip is now updated when tweets are updated, deleted and retrieved more often


  • Added: support for picture uploader and image previews
  • Added: support for and url shortners using plugin system (use for a lame link and for an awesome link)
  • Added: support for url shortner using plugin system
  • Changed: modified to now accomodate hyphenated search tags
  • Fixed: when more tweets received and view is not Home, the button bar would not get updated when view was auto-changed back to Home
  • Fixed: issue with dropped net connections (resuming from standby) not attempting to try again (fixed in further test cases now)


  • Added: URL shortener. If you wish to add your own login and API key, add "<bitly><username>twitcher</username><apikey>R_sdfjskfj</apikey></bitly>" to your settings.xml file located in the "C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\[guid]\Local Store\" folder
  • Added: and URL shorteners
  • Changed: made image tooltip window a bit bigger so pictures are larger
  • Fixed: issue with dropped net connections (resuming from standby) not attempting to try again


  • Added: ability to add your own URL shortners by creating your own XML definition in the "appinstallion/twitcher/shorturl-definitions" folder. Look at existing files for examples (twitter me if you get stuck or need to do something that it cant do)
  • Changed: now saves account changes each time tweets are refreshed, in case the machine aborts before its able to closedown properly
  • Fixed: change to verifying credentials due to new twitter limit. Now only verifies an account once every 2 hours
  • Fixed: bug that when an error occurs when verifying account (possibly due to dropped internet connection) it would not try again


  • Fixed: bug with formatting of times on tweets (was always out by your time zone unless you live in UTC time zone)


  • Added: shows status tip when hovering over a "in reply to" link
  • Added: user info tooltip when hovered over a profile image
  • Added: ability to sort the tweets in each view
  • Added: file logging to aid debugging any issues
  • Changed: made background of tooltips a little darker


  • Fixed stupid regression bug


  • Added: image thumbnails for
  • Added: headings to each view showing how many tweets in view are left
  • Added: "Reset Password" button to Account Settings
  • Changed: public timeline now doesnt refresh with other views, it only refreshes when you visit it; it also only keeps tweets from the last couple of hours
  • Improved: yet more changes to improve cpu and memory usage (now what the main issue might be, but not sure how to work around it yet)
  • Improved: handling of wrong account names or wrong passwords set on an account
  • Fixed: various small issues
  • Fixed: ability to use retreet, reply icons on a tweet
  • Fixed refression bug introduced earlier where clicking toaster popup wouldnt do anything, now displays twitcher as it should have done


  • Improved: more changes to improve cpu and memory usage


  • Added: image upload support added
  • Improved: made changes to improve cpu and memory usage


  • New Feature: added ability to filter tweets (e.g. dont show anything with Guitar Hero in it)
  • New Feature: added selection of accounts to tray icon context menu
  • New Feature: added new Public Timeline view
  • Added: if you paste a URL into the ShortenURL box it now automatically shortens the url and adds it to your tweet -
  • Improved: user interface button and list handling on Account Management window
  • Fixed: image tooltip was not resizing if image was large and square
  • Fixed: occassional issues with colouring of tweets in views
  • Fixed: issue introduced in v1.5.4 where clicking to upload an image on a narrow twitcher display would display scrollbars and hide the controls


  • Added: support for image uploading
  • Added: can now display image preview for any graphic whose location has been URL shortened using a known service
  • Added: can now display image preview for and
  • Changed: now doesnt keep adding favourites to the main 'Home' timeline if you delete or clear them
  • Changed: given skin buttons and text a refresh
  • Changed: added minimum width and height for screen resizing
  • Fixed: various little bugs and issues
  • Fixed: now retries getting tweets after a network error after 1 minute instead of 5


  • Added: New Short URL tooltips that dont get cropped by the application window, works better and looks nicer
  • Added: Thumbnail image previews for image URLs and supported image upload services, currently and support easy thumbnail access
  • Added: 'paused' text to account name when the tray icon context menu for 'pausing' tweets enabled
  • Added: current API requests to title bar (click to toggle display)
  • Added: animation in status bar when tweets are being retrieved
  • Improved: handling when receiving errors from twitter now works
  • Fixed: upload was not handling the response correctly
  • Fixed: posters' name links and tags within a status now work
  • Fixed: now doesnt display a toaster window when no tweets received
  • Fixed: restarting app after pausing now works correctly, would always remain paused
  • Removed: API icon from toolbar (no room)


  • Added: button to 'shrink' the post text ... this tries to remove superflous characters and re-word things to reduce the post length
  • Added: new Sent status view
  • Improved: shadowing on user images
  • Changed: order of views, replies are more common than direct messages so they have been moved
  • Fixed: wrapping of info text on Picture Upload window
  • Fixed: bug where posting a status didnt reset the chars remaining count on post box
  • Fixed: bug where posting a status would think that the api limit was reached
  • Fixed: minor bug with grammar in 'number of tweets received' toaster tip


  • Fixed: minor bug fix


  • Added: new "Messages" and "Replies" views
  • Added: progress bar (with Cancel) for image uploading with preview of image
  • Added: picture upload support for
  • Fixed: some bug fixes to direct messages and other views


  • Added: a "Favourites" view
  • Added: code to reduce CPU usage when not active or when minimised
  • Added: support for image uploads via and
  • Changed: now gets latest tweets when resuming from a pause
  • Fixed: issue where if an update was posted before you received all your outstanding updates, it wouldnt get them
  • Fixed: an error in database when adding/removing a favourite tweet
  • Fixed: refresh timer not being reset when an error has occurred
  • Fixed: silly regression bug where direct messaging had stopped working


  • Added: picture upload via TwitPic/TwitGoo/Posterous
  • Added: char count as background text to post box
  • Changed: moved api info to right of "Shorten URL" and "Insert Picture" buttons
  • Changed: hopefully better handling of errors due to twitter returning an 'over capacity' web page on every request instead of a proper error response


  • Finally fixed redraw problems with disappearing tweet text
  • Added: support for ShortURL service
  • Added: image for current account to post area
  • Added: 'helper' text to empty Post box
  • Added: different 'status' image on left of status bar when updates are 'paused' from context menu
  • Added: number of tweets in list and account name to tray icon tooltip
  • Added:, clicking toaster notifications will bring app to front and restore it from tray
  • Added: closing animation to toaster notifications
  • Added: account name to toaster notifications, modified font size
  • Added: number of tweets to tooltip
  • Added: more descriptive text to Account Settings dialog
  • Changed: toaster notifications to close automatically after 10 seconds unless the mouse pointer is over them
  • Changed: app to not always be on top ... I found it a bit annoying and would mean toaster windows would appear underneath
  • Improved: now remembers "Pause Notifications" tray context menu state between sessions


  • Added: 'toaster' popups when new messages are received
  • Improved: now remembers "Pause Notifications" tray context menu state between sessions
  • Fixed: redraw issues fixed (I think)


  • Added: focus and keyboard control to list, you can now use the delete key to delete selected tweets
  • Added: context menus to a tweet post (currently only on profile picture)
  • Improved: (possibly fixed) redraw issues
  • Changed: "Update" button to "Post", changed button icons
  • Changed: now empties shorten url box once used or cancelled
  • Changed: modifed auto-update to check for updates each day as well as on startup
  • Fixed: default image for no profile image downloaded yet


2nd Oct 03: I have redesigned my web site, it is now fully XHTML Strict 1.1 and CSS compliant. I hope you find it better to use.


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